Rifled tube

Rifled Tube

Steel pipes used in furnace power plants and other facilities with high temperature and pressure that are used to prevent film boiling.

Inside the water wall pipes of boilers in subcritical steam power plants, water boils into steam vapor. Inside high temperature/high pressure boiler devices, a special type of boiling called film boiling occurs. The boundary between the fluid and water wall pipe forms a layer of steam. When film boiling occurs, the heat transfer efficiency is reduced due to the steam layer. Since heat cannot be effectively transferred from the pipe to the water, the pipe temperature rise can cause boiling explosions due to overheating, resulting in facility damage. A rifled tube contains multiple butterfly ribs on the inner surface of the steel pipe, whisking the water inside and causing turbulence that suppresses film boiling. Multiple ribs greatly increase the internal surface area of the pipe compared to rib-less steel pipes, resulting in increased boiler energy output efficiency.

Furnace power plant boilers in recent years have demanded improved fuel efficiency and improved (reduced) CO2 exhaust. These improvements require steam vapor to heat up and reach a high pressure, which is why rifle tubes are needed.

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Potential range of manufacturing

In some cases, it may be possible to work outside the potential range of manufacturing. Please feel free to contact us.


We manufacture with low carbon steel tube and low alloy tube.

We can provide the outer diameter range from 28.6 mm to 76.2 mm.

Rib lead angle: 30 degrees relative to pipe axis

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