Alloy Tube & Pipe

Alloy Tube & Pipe

 High-precision steel alloy tubes can be drawn. Pipes with a thickness 36% of the outer diameter can be created.

- Our special features -

  1. From thin to ultra-thick pipes, a variety of steel alloy tubes can be created. 
  2. Core drawing of ultra-thick pipes can be made according to thickness (t)/outer diameter(D) X 100=36%. 
  3. Processing cost is superior to cutting a round pipe and then using a gun drill to machine the inner surface in order to make multiple types of finishes. 

We provide you the ultrasonic defect tests in the deep.

- The range of available alloy steel standards -

  1. Steel alloy pipes for use in plumbing (STPA12~STPA25) 
  2. Steel alloy pipes for use in boilers and heat transfer devices (STBA12~STBA25) 
  3. Nickel-Steel alloy pipe for low-temperature use (STPL380, STPL450, STBL380, STBL450) 
  4. Steel pipe for various testing drilling purposes (boring rod, etc.) 
  5. Various automotive parts, mission turbine shaft (SCR440H), piston pin (SCM415), etc. 

- The metal composition -

  • Manganese steel (less than 1.6%) 
  • Chromium steel (less than 5%) 
  • Chrome-Molybdenum steel (less than 5% Cr - 0.5% Mo) 
  • Nickel steel (less than 4%) 
  • Manganese - Molybdenum - Vanadium steel (less than 1.8% Mn - 2.2% Mo - 0.8% V) 
  • Others 

Potential range of manufacturing

In some cases, it may be possible to work outside the potential range of manufacturing. Please feel free to contact us.


Mn (under 1.6%), Cr (under 5%), Cr-Mo (under 5%Cr-0,5%Mo), Ni (under 4%), Mn-Mo-V (under 1.8%Mn-2.2%Mo-0.8%V), etc.

We can provide the outer diameter - thickness from 16.0mm - 5.5mm to 45.0mm - 11.3mm.
Usage and Performance

for Piping (STPA12 - STPA25), for Boiler & Heat exchanger (STBA12 - STBA25), for Low temperature (STPL380, STPL450, STBL380, STBL450), for Digging (Boring Rod), for Automobile shaft (SCR440H), for Piston pin (SCM415) etc.

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