Osaka Steel Tube – Cold Drawn Steel Tube from Japan

We, Osaka Steel Tube Co., Ltd, is

Japanese leading company

specializing on producing

Cold-Drawn Steel Tube

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Steel pipe manufacturing and distribution: two faces

In 1902, after founder Ichijiro Nobe first introduced Japan to the “cold draw steel pipe” technology that he learned while in Germany, he began working in social development through ironwork with operations centered on the manufacturing and sale of steel pipe. Now the company is situated in Sasebo City, possesses nine operation centers around Japan, and has been built into a system that responds to customer needs.



Ultra-size manufacturing

Ultra-small diameter, ultra-thick, and ultra-long

Cost decreasing

with special shape pipes

Classification standards

Compliance with various approval organizations and classification standards


Steel pipes for reliable use in the shipbuilding industry

Oil refineries

Operational support with short time manufacturing

JIT delivery

In-house and alliance transportation for JIT delivery


A long record of working in the automotive parts industry

Farming machine industry

Long records on farming equipment and the food industry

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