Aiming to be the Top Steel Pipe Maker in the World

In 1902, founder Ichijiro Nobe first introduced Japan to the “cold drawn steel pipe” technology that he learned while in Germany. This was the start of our company.

We produce cold draw steel pipes. But upon listening to customer comments, we expanded our capabilities as a steel product trading company. Moreover, we make developments throughout subsidiary shipping companies, subsidiary PVC pipe sales companies, subsidiary construction material sales companies, and more.

Such multifaceted initiatives in our company are the result of consideration for the customer, regional economy, and our own effort.

We regularly work hard to deliver the best products to our clients. This is from the pride that comes from being the first cold draw steel pipe company in Japan.

Pursuit of product quality is a given, but we also aim to reduce the frequency of prototype production and delivery time while optimizing support for customer needs. Up to now, and from now on, we aim to be the “best steel pipe maker in the world” in the eyes of our customers.

A life of decisive action

In terms of the next step for Osaka Steel Tube, we turn to new employee abilities that will become a greater driving force. Sales work, technological work, office work, regardless of the type of responsibility, new employee ability is the impetus to think for one’s self, act on one’s own, and have gentle thoughts. In this age, it is not enough to simply do the job given to you and survive. This is true for corporations as well as people.
By extending an antenna that catches what users and society want, and then solving the anticipated problems that face the actualization of that want, results will be produced. I want employees with such abilities to move forward alongside Osaka Steel Tube. We are making a work environment that allows ideas born from gentle thought to be heard. Now, Osaka Steel Tube has entered another long period of stability. Yet, the more stability is ensured, the more a sense of impending danger grows. Corporations respond to their environment, and must adapt and evolve with the times. The burden now shifts more to the new employees. Particularity for the realization of new operational developments at Osaka Steel Tube, new employee’s abilities will be the engine for the anticipated drawing out of new capabilities.
When I was in graduate school, one of my professors gave me this advice: “If you’re at a loss, just do it.” When there is something that must, or is desired, to be done yet cannot be accomplished, people become lost. Wondering whether or not to do something means you have sufficiently evaluated the risks. Moreover, it is something that you want to do. In the age of artificial intelligence and automatic driving, humans will probably have to decide what can only be done by humans. There are many things at Osaka Steel Tube that “must be done.” Inside the company, there are many employees who have something they “want to do” for the customer or for society. It is more interesting to try something before making a list of ideas why it is impossible.
I wait for that knock on the door and a new challenge is welcome in at Osaka Steel Tube.

CEO Tsuyoshi Sakane

Our Manufacturing Factories and Processes

 Steel pipes are pulled through dice and plugs at room temperature during the elongation process.

 Steel pipes cannot only be adjusted according to outer diameter, but inner diameter can also be adjusted during the machining phase by inserting plugs. This allows for the precise setting of steel pipe thickness.

 Drawing, the primary process in the cold drawn steel pipe manufacturing method, depends on pre-drawing steel pipe quality and pre-elongation surface smoothness processing in addition to the elongation technology itself.

Since the microstructure of the cold drawn tubes are deformed and distorted, there is a problem in the material as it is after drawing.

Heat treatment removes the distortion and make the pipe properties normal.

On the drawing process and heat treatment process the steel pipe becomes curved, it will be finished through straightening process.

Management with All Employees

Education Programs and Training Camp

A company’s number one asset is its people.
At Osaka Steel Tube, we carry out yearly overnight training divided by work, managerial position, age, and other factors. Although outside instructors are sometimes brought in, the main focus is on directors and other managers holding courses on why the things we hold to be important are indeed important. During the 2016 overnight training, we focused on learning about understanding thinking together through group work. While considering how employees will earnestly take the company into the future, we were able to hear new opinions that should be incorporated into company management. Fun parties are also held during overnight training sessions. By allowing the employees to get closer to the directors and president, advancements are made in making a company with worthwhile efforts over the long term.
Education is also carried out at various times during the year. During new employee training, an opportunity is made to thoroughly spend time on all the new arrivals who are entering the adult workforce for the first time so that they can learn about experience, the role of each department, responsibility, and more from management staff. After factory training, OJT (On the Job Training) is continued along with other assignees while individualized support is provided. The “Ability Level Map” is important to OJT education. It allows for the accurate determination of each person’s skill level and the continuation of necessary instruction at each level.
Real exchange of technology has been continuing since first scheduling and holding the monthly “OKK Dojo” technology transfer group training in 2002. There is also the qualification acquisition support system, the communication education lecture support system, recommended readings, and a variety of other support systems.

Organization activation with 5S system

Organizational activation efforts commenced and revamped in 2015 with an application of the 5S principle as the base project. The necessary attitude of each employee at Osaka Steel Tube alone has a great affect on the company. The spirit of making a great company through the 5S principles of seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize), and shitsuke (sustain) is one value that has been held by Osaka Steel Tube for a long time.
Compared to before these efforts, the company is now more orderly, tidy, and greetings are warmly exchanged. The 5S principle will continue to be applied further.

Desired talents

who can continue moving forward in any situation
who independently and proactively influences their environment
who can be active in the current global environment
who wants to put specialized knowledge and skills into practice
who can articulate their thoughts and listen well

who can dedicate and apply his or her self to one thing
who can carry a task to completion

Benefits Package

  • Social insurance
  • various types of congratulatory/condolence schemes
  • payment advance system
  • various types of recognition schemes
  • schemes related to sanitation
  • housing support system

Please feel free to directly contact us regarding details.

Fun friends

A softball tournament and other events are held annually as part of company recreation.

Once every five years, an employee trip is provided with all basic expenses paid.

80th Anniversary   South Korea

85th Anniversary   Shanghai

90th Anniversary   Taiwan

95th Anniversary   Thailand

Total Education for Entering Employees

  1. Pre-Entrance Training
    internship, specialized knowledge education
  2. Entrance Training
    entering employees become familiar with the company environment through foundational training.
  3. On the Job Training
    all processing steps are taught on the site of manufacturing.
  4. Applicable Training
    in addition to individual department training, OJT will also be thoroughly and reliably implemented upon trainees being divided into groups.

Employment Flow

Suitability Review


We are now welcoming new engineers and sales of foreign person.