Special-shaped Pipe

Special-Shape Pipe

Precise and long special shape pipe greatly reduces the number of processing steps.

 We realize your idea. We propose a highly accurate long product of cold drawn steel pipe. Our special shape pipes can replace the high-cost 3D printing.

 For example, our special shape cold drawn pipes are used for slide bearings.

 Slide bearings can be used in combination with cylindrical bearings and are for direct axial direction operations. 4~6 grooves are formed on the inside of these bearings, and the bearing ball bears the load while resting on the rotational surface between the grooves to allow for the entire unit to slide in the axial direction.
During sliding, the internal bearing ball separator restricts movement to an aligned and cyclical motion. 

 Slide bearings are used in a wide range of items including electronic computers, peripheral devices, various measuring devices, memory units and other precision devices, robots, multi-spindle drilling machines, grinders, food packaging machines, and other industrial uses. 


Potential range of manufacturing

In some cases, it may be possible to work outside the potential range of manufacturing. Please feel free to contact us.


We manufacture with carbon steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, and high carbon Cr alloy.

We can provide various shapes. Ask us freely.

For the new shape design, we need new die, so development cost may not match with demands in case of small quantity production.

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